General productivity-improvement tools, software upgrades, replacement cables and other enhancements for our products.


The Eddy award-winning numeric keypad for your ADB PowerBook!

10Key Tape

A financial-style calculator program (included free with PowerPad).

Desktop Dialer

Dials phone numbers from your ADB Mac, using virtually any application, through an analog phone.

PowerKey Remote

Our original phone-startup device simply turns on your ADB Mac when the phone rings.

Software Upgrades


Kick-off! PowerBook Adapter Kit

Allows Kick-off! to connect to a G3 PowerBook power adapter. Contains two power cords: an instrument power cable and a monitor power adapter cable (3-prong grounded, 110v; for use in USA/Canada only).

Single Outlet Surge Protector

Provides surge protection for PowerKey Pro 650 and 600. USL listed, made in USA, rated 330v peak suppression; 15A-125vac 1875 watts 60hz transient voltage surge suppression using MOVs.