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o System crash detection
o Two levels of application monitoring
o Three levels of crash recovery
o Advanced logging and error notification
o Simple installation and configuration
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Kick-off! provides comprehensive automatic crash detection and recovery for your USB Macintosh. Using the same technology found in our popular Rebound! product for ADB Macs, Kick-off! monitors your system and automatically restarts it when it crashes. Kick-off! provides two levels of application crash detection, advanced logging, "bookmarking" and preventive restarting capabilities. You'll sleep well at night, knowing that Kick-off! is there to provide maximum availability to your server.

Kick-off! is also available for other major platforms. Follow the links to the right to see the features of each version. OS X Logo
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[Kick-off! screen shot] Kick-off! detects system crashes using a patented combination of hardware and software. The hardware connects to your Mac's USB port and power cord. While your system is running normally, the software is in constant communication with the hardware.

If the system crashes, this communication fails. The hardware waits for a user-settable period of time to ensure that the system is not simply busy with other tasks. After this delay, Kick-off! restarts the Mac by temporarily interrupting the power to the computer. No crash is too hard to keep Kick-off! from doing its job!


When an application crashes, other tasks can continue without interruption, so system crash detection will not work. But Kick-off! also includes two levels of application crash detection. One level detects crashes in all applications, and the second level can even detect non-crashing failures in many popular server applications.

The first level of application monitoring intercepts the infamous "application has unexpectedly quit" error messages. The second level goes far beyond this by receiving status information from the applications themselves. Applications with this support periodically update an "application timer" in the Kick-off! software. If the application fails to update this timer, Kick-off! can take appropriate action.


When an application fails at either level, the Kick-off! software can first try to relaunch the application. If this fails, or the application continues to crash, Kick-off! will perform a "clean" Finder restart. If this fails, or the entire system has crashed, the Kick-off! hardware will resort to "pulling the plug," giving the system a fresh start.


Kick-off! also includes, at no extra charge, our powerful monoLog error logging and notification system. System administrators can view a detailed log of the date, time, priority, source and nature of activity. The log can track applications launching, quitting and crashing, as well as system startups, restarts, shutdowns and crashes.

monoLog can also alert administrators of problems by forwarding high-priority messages to an e-mail address, AppleScript or text file, or even to a pager (using Mark/Space's PageNow! software). An included W*API plug-in allows remote viewing of the log from any web browser.


To round out its capabilities, Kick-off! adds two more useful features.

Restarting after power failures
If you use a UPS system that automatically shuts down your server when the power fails, Apple's Energy Saver will not restart the computer when the power is restored. But Kick-off! can automatically start yout computer back up, even if it was shut down when the power went out! (This feature requires a computer that will respond to the "start up" key, such as any G4 model, or an iMac made before September 2000.)

Scheduled restarts
You can set up a scheduled restart to occur on a daily or weekly schedule. This lets you minimize the effects of problems such as gradual memory leaks and fragmentation. By restarting when the server is not busy, you ensure that your server applications will keep running when you need them most.


Kick-off! consists of a small USB device and a system extension. Simply plug your computer into Kick-off!, connect the USB cable and run the easy software installer. Kick-off! is on the job!

Kick-off! comes preconfigured to work for most systems without needing any special setup. The included control panel makes customization a breeze.

Kick-off! also includes full AppleScript support, so administrators can easily change its settings automatically.


Size (HxWxL) 1.75" x 2.6" x 4.4"
(4.5cm x 6.6cm x 11.2cm)
Cord Length 3 feet (0.9 meters)
Interface USB low power (0mA)
USB Cable Length 3 feet (0.9 meters)
Voltage 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Power Draw 0.5 W
Current Handling 10A
Approvals CE, UL, CUL, FCC
Warranty 1 year


Desktop Macintosh with USB port, Mac OS 8.6-9.x*. Application timer monitoring requires support from application. Power failure restart feature works with G4s made before September 2002, and iMacs made before September 2000.

Use with flat-panel iMac or PowerBook requires adapter cable. Not compatible with iBooks.

* Kick-off! is also available for Mac OS X, Windows and Red Hat Linux. For older Macs with ADB ports, Rebound! offers the same great features as Kick-off!

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