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monoLog is a powerful and flexible logging tool that gives you a central point of control for monitoring system activity. You can use monoLog to track activities, notify you of problems, and even take action when necessary, based on specific conditions you define.

monoLog centralizes vital information by receiving, filtering, storing, and relaying messages from applications, systems, hardware, and even other monoLogs, in a variety of ways. monoLog sorts the messages based on your criteria, unifying the information into a single location of your choice, in the form most convenient to you.

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Applications send messages to monoLog via Apple-Events or by using the standard Unix syslogd protocol. Those messages can be anything an application or device can report, such as when a program launches or quits, when a file transfer is performed, or when a connection is dropped.

When an application sends a message to monoLog, it includes a priority level indicating the importance of the message. monoLog uses this information to determine how to respond to the message.

monoLog can sort messages into two different types of logs, and it can respond to messages with five different types of notifiers. You can have monoLog store all messages into its master log, or you can store just some of the messages, based on their priority level, into a text file. You can also use monoLog's filtering to relay some or all log information over the internet, blink an icon or put up a dialog box, send an e-mail, page you, and/or execute an AppleScript.


monoLog creates a centralized list, or Master Log, of all the messages it receives. Each log entry contains the source of the message, the priority, the message text, and the date and time the message was received by monoLog. The Master Log automatically stores up to 500 messages of all priority levels. You can limit the types of messages stored by the Master Log by raising the minimum priority each entry must have. And you can change the size of the Master Log by setting the maximum number of entries anywhere between one and 25,000 messages.

monoLog can also store messages into a Text Log. Like the Master Log, the Text Log can record all messages, or you can limit the types of messages stored based on the minimum priority level of each message. You can also control the size of the Text Log by changing the default of 32k to any size between 1k and 99,999k.


In addition to creating logs of messages, you can have monoLog notify you, and/or respond when necessary, by choosing any or all of these options:

Each of these Notifier types can be set to respond whenever monoLog receives messages at or above a specific priority level, allowing you to finely tune your system management.


monoLog also includes an industry standard WEBSTAR plug-in which lets you view your Master Log with any web browser. The monoLog Plug-in gives you the most recent log entries, current up to the moment of your request, so you can monitor your systems' activities from virtually any location.


monoLog is included free with PowerKey Pro Admin, Kick-off! and Rebound! 2.0. You can have these products relay messages to monoLog whenever:

monoLog and our reliability tools work together to provide you with a detailed chronological record of application and system problems and the automated corrective actions taken.


monoLog comes with our monoLog Software Developer's Kit, a set of information and code to let you take advantage of monoLog's power in your own applications!


For complete control, all of monoLog's settings can be set with AppleScript. You can increase reporting before critical activity periods, then decrease it during normal operations. And of course you can send messages to be logged from your scripts.


The stand-alone monoLog includes a preview of DiaLogger, our handy new software which automatically dismisses - and logs, of course! - dialog boxes and other notifications. This bonus feature stores the messages' text in monoLog so your server can get on with the business at hand.


Now you can have an up-to-date history of system activity at your fingertips, and the means to take action. monoLog lets you keep a watchful eye on your servers, even when you're not there!


Mac OS 8.0 through OS 9.2; applications which incorporate support for monoLog or Unix syslogd protocol.
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