Web Sites Using Our Reliability Products

These are just a few of the web sites that are using the crash detection abilities of Kick-off!, Rebound! and PowerKey Pro to help keep their servers up and running. We know there are more of you out there, so...

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These sites either use Kick-off!, Rebound! and/or PowerKey Pro in unusual ways, or offer information of particular interest to these products' owners.

MDG Computer Services
The home of Web Server 4D, a fast web server and a very fast database in one. It can publish unlimited customized databases on the web, without programming, scripting, Perl, C++, CGI's, FileMaker, 4D or any other database. MDG also offers free 4D code for 4D developers who wish to incorporate PowerKey and Rebound! support in their databases.

Operator Headgap BBS
A TeleFinder Bulletin Board System offering access via the web. Publishes his PowerKey Log File for all to see!

Raymond Kam's Vancouver VR
A collection of QuickTime VR images of several locations around Vancouver, BC, along with a wealth of information on creating your own VR images. It also features a great discussion on his web server, describing how easy it is to set up a powerful server on an inexpensive computer.

Other Sites Using Kick-off!, Rebound! and PowerKey Pro

Large or small, these sites have one thing in common: they depend on our crash detection tools to keep them running 24x7!

The first place to look for book information: reviews, best seller lists, author tour info, industry news and gossip, and much more.

Celticweb Internet Services
Celticweb is an internet service provider with monitoring via PowerKey Pro 600 included with their co-location service.

Creation Engine
Creation Engine offers academic discounts on multimedia, graphics and web development tools to schools, faculty and students. Creation Engine also sponsors artCE, an online gallery featuring computer art by its customers created using the tools they offer.

Federation of Canadian Naturists
Kick-off! teams up with WebSTAR on an iMac to serve over 23,000 unique visits a week. The FCN webmaster told us, "It's the best investment I've made."

Ginny's Printing & Copying
Ginny's + Merit is one of the top quick-printing companies in the U.S., frequently ranked in the top ten by the National Association of Quick Printers. Their main email, web and POS servers run on Blue & White G3 Macs, all protected by Rebound!

The Grateful Dead
Dead.net is the official web site for the Grateful Dead. Offers a vast array of band news, bios of the members, products and information of interest to Deadheads everywhere.

HomeLink International
A database of club members who exchange homes for vacations. Worldwide, but primarily Europe & North America. Currently has over 11,000 members! Uses PowerKey Pro to keep the server running and run custom AppleScripts to monitor server software.

International Broadcasting Bureau
The IBB's Spectrum Management Division is responsible for frequency management and technical monitoring of international radio broadcasts, such as those of the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe. All of the servers listed on this page use Rebound! to help ensure they stay on-line.

Internetyx provides economical interactive web site services and solutions, including database design, cgis, WebStar plug-ins, and information for Mac webmasters. They use PowerKey Pro for their own servers, and recommend it in their helpful hints.

Kagi Shareware
Kagi is the number one payment processing service for shareware and commercial software and products. They provide an easy way customers to pay for shareware, and for developers to facilitate payments.

Lapeer County Government
When Lapeer County, Michigan, decided to post community information on-line, they got busy and put PowerKey Pro to work monitoring their servers.

The Detroit area's largest Macintosh users group won the User Group Academy 1999 award for Most Popular User Group Web Site - and they use PowerKey Pro for their web server.

The Macintosh Guy
The Macintosh Guy is dedicated to providing value to Macintosh users through information, goods and services to help you unlock the power inside your Macintosh.

The MacInTouch web site is the authoritative source for important Mac news and the source to which other sites and news organizations most often refer.

Affordable web design and hosting services for small to medium sized businesses. PowerKey Pro is again behind the scenes keeping their servers running.

Musical Mystics
This nonprofit multimedia theatre creatively combines the world's music, dance and art talent with the finest Mac technology. The result is a unique all digital live surround sound production which chronicles our life's journey. And, of course, PowerKey Pro and Rebound! keep their servers online 24/7.

Northwest Fisheries Science Center
A research facility of the Northwest Region of the National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA. The facility is responsible for providing scientific and technical support for the management, conservation, and development of the Pacific Northwest region's anadromous and marine fishery resources.

The Sky Tonight
The Sky Tonight is a weekly astronomy radio show which has provided central Illinois with interesting information about the night sky's many beautiful sights since 1981. The web site provides program listings and introductory information for budding stargazers.

Suffield Academy
Suffield Academy is an independent, coeducational boarding and day school serving grades 9-12 and a selection of postgraduates in Suffield, Connecticut, USA. The first independent school in the US to place a laptop in the hands of each of its students, Suffield Academy naturally uses PowerKey Pro to manage their servers.

Sunflower Community Network
Sunflower Community Network provides the Kansas City community with inexpensive network access and web serving. Its mission is to connect people to the community, so that we may all be more involved and educated.

TRW Space & Electronics Group, Redondo Beach, CA
The TRW S&EG Policies & Procedures/ISO9001 RAIC Website uses PowerKey Pro Model 600 for Web server crash restarts and for remote phone dial-in startups. This resource material must be available to the TRW Global Network 24 hours/day.

University of Kentucky Chemistry
Redefining the frontiers of contemporary research, this cool chemistry site includes 'A Comic Book Periodic Table'.

W3soft is the Internet source for cool Macintosh products -- especially the hard to find and international applications.

The World Wide Web Store
Specialists in custom website design. If it's Internet related, you'll find it at The World Wide Web Store! Uses PowerKey Pro Model 600 to control three servers and a router.