Desktop Dialer Software

Desktop Dialer 1.5 For all Dialer owners -- current version of the Desktop Dialer software
SCIAC 1.1 For scripters -- extension to control older versions of Desktop Dialer and PowerKey with Apple Events

Desktop Dialer 1.5
Updated 9/7/00.
For Mac OS 7.0-9.x - Self-mounting disk image - Download (474K)

This file contains an installer for version 1.5 of the Desktop Dialer software. To install the new software, double-click on the "Desktop Dialer 1.5.smi" document. A "virtual disk" will appear on your desktop; open this and double-click the installer.

Note: Any existing phone numbers stored in your copy of DialerDA will be lost, so save any important numbers before updating.

Updated 7/20/98.
For Mac OS 7.0-9.x - Self-extracting Stuffit archive - Download (32K)

This file contains version 1.1 of SCIAC, our extension to allow Desktop Dialer (versions 1.4.2 and previous) and PowerKey (version 2) to be controlled via Apple Events. For information on using SCIAC, refer to the respective product manuals. NOTE: This file is not needed with Desktop Dialer 1.5 or PowerKey 3.0 or newer.