"Classic" PowerKey Software

PowerKey 3.4 For owners of PowerKey version 3.0 or higher -- current version of the PowerKey software
"Classic" PowerKey Manual For owners of PowerKey version 3.0 or higher -- the current PowerKey user's manual
SCIAC 1.1 For scripters -- extension to control older versions of Desktop Dialer and PowerKey with Apple Events

PowerKey 3.4 Updater/Installer
Updated 11/9/98. Read Me
For Mac OS 7.0-9.x - StuffIt archive - Download (1253K)

This file contains an installer that will update version 3.0 or later of the English language PowerKey software to 3.4.

Note: "Classic" PowerKey owners of version 1.x or 2.x of the "classic" PowerKey software must purchase an upgrade to version 3. See the PowerKey Version 3 Upgrade page for more information.

"Classic" PowerKey Manual
Updated 9/11/98.
Adobe PDF file - Download (957K)

This file contains version 3.3 of the "Classic" PowerKey User's Manual. It contains instructions for installing and using PowerKey on your computer. Requires Adobe Reader 3.0 or higher to view.

Updated 7/20/98.
For Mac OS 7.0-9.x - Self-extracting Stuffit archive - Download (32K)

This file contains version 1.1 of SCIAC, our extension to allow Desktop Dialer (versions 1.4.2 and previous) and PowerKey (version 2) to be controlled via Apple Events. For information on using SCIAC, refer to the respective product manuals. NOTE: This file is not needed with Desktop Dialer 1.5 or PowerKey 3.0 or newer.