PowerPad Software

PowerPad 1.2 For all PowerPad owners -- updates 10Key Tape to the latest version
ModifierKeys 1.0.1 For all PowerPad owners -- the current version of the ModifierKeys extension
Shut Down Control 1.0 For owners of older PowerPads -- utility to disable keyboard shutdown feature

PowerPad 1.2 (10Key Tape) Updater
Updated 7/20/98.
Self-extracting StuffIt archive - Download (47K)

This file contains an updater that will patch any version 1.x of the 10Key Tape desk accessory to 1.2. When you open it, it will ask you to locate your copy of 10Key Tape, which you will find in your Apple Menu Items folder.

ModifierKeys 1.0.1
Updated 9/27/00.
StuffIt archive - Download (12K)

This file contains version 1.0.1 of the ModifierKeys extension. It allows you to use the shift, command, option and control keys on your keyboard in conjunction with keys on PowerPad. To install the software, drag the file onto your System Folder (it will automatically be placed into your Extensions folder) and restart your computer.

Shut Down Control 1.0
Updated 7/20/98.
StuffIt archive - Download (32K)

This file contains version 1.0 of Shut Down Control, a free control panel which allows you to selectively disable the keyboard shutdown feature on later ADB Mac systems. It is useful with older models of PowerKey Remote and PowerPad, which could sometimes invoke a keyboard shutdown at undesired times. It is also useful for anyone who wishes to disable this feature.