General Questions

What is Sophisticated Circuits?

Sophisticated Circuits is a privately held corporation which develops elegant, highly integrated hardware/software tools for computers.

For a little more information about us and our products, please read our company profile.

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Will your products work with Mac OS X?

We have OS X versions of our software for Kick-off! and USB PowerKey Pro. We also have OS X version of iDo Script Scheduler. These are compatible with Mac OS X 10.1 - 10.6. They will not work with Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” or later. more…

We do not plan any OS X versions of the software for our ADB devices. OS X has very little support for communicating with ADB devices other than mice and keyboards, which is what we need to write OS X software for Rebound!, ADB PowerKey Pro and our other ADB products ("Classic" PowerKey, PowerKey Remote, Desktop Dialer). Because of there are so few ADB Macs certified to run OS X, we don't expect it will become a priority for Apple to fully support ADB under OS X.

If you'd like to be notified when any new products are available, you may sign up for our mailing list.

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Do you have products for USB computers?

Yes, our first USB product, Kick-off!, will work with all major platforms which support USB, including Mac OS 8-9, Mac OS X, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and the latest release of RedHat Linux.

Our USB version of PowerKey Pro will work Mac OS 9 and OS X.

We are actively working on USB development, and are researching which products and features are feasible for use with USB systems. At this time, we do not plan to create USB versions of our other products, however we are always considering new paths of development.

You may watch our web site for progress announcements, or sign up for our mailing list if you'd like to be notified when new information is available.

Please also see our USB Issues page for more information about our products and USB.

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Do you make products for my PC or other systems?

Although we have historically been a Mac developer, we are now working on pc versions of our USB products.

We have released beta Kick-off! software for use with Windows 98/ME/2000 and the latest Linux beta kernel. We are also researching the feasibility of developing such support for our USB PowerKey Pro.

Interested OEM's and kiosk manufacturers should contact us regarding their interest and feature requests. The good news is we may soon be able to provide the rest of the computing world some of the same high-quality, reasonably-priced products enjoyed by our Macintosh customers.

Please also see our Other Platforms page for more information about our development plans for other systems.

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Can I use your ADB products with my new Mac? It doesn't have an ADB port.

Our newest products, PowerKey Pro 650 and Kick-off!, are specifically designed for USB computers.

Our ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) products were designed to connect to a Mac's ADB system, and most of our ADB devices require software that will only load and operate if the hardware is connected to the Apple Desktop Bus when the Mac starts up.

Some third-party manufacturers have produced converter cables which allow you to connect ADB devices to a USB computer. These adapters were primarily designed to convert input devices such as keyboards, mice and track balls, but some claim to work with other ADB devices as well, through the use of special software for the adapter.

In general, our products' high level of software to hardware integration relies on features specific to the Apple Desktop Bus, and may not be fully adaptable to the USB systems. Using our ADB devices with USB Macs is not supported, and we do not have any technical information about third-party adapters.

Reliability is the key to unattended computer management, which is why we have developed new versions of our most popular products for use with USB. Please also see our USB Issues page for more information about our products and USB.

Note: PowerKey Pro Model 600 owners can upgrade their units to either version of PowerKey Pro Model 650. See our Model 600-to-650 Hardware Upgrade information.

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I'm using an old version of the software. Do I need to upgrade?

Generally, you should try to use the latest version of our software to ensure compatibility with the latest systems. Our Software Library lists the currently supported versions of our software.

However, if you are using an older system, and if what you have still works for you, in some cases the older software may work fine and you may not need to upgrade.

If you have a problem with our software, you may wish to review the problem in our Knowledge Base to learn whether you need to upgrade.

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When will your new product, software or upgrade be done?

We're glad you're interested in our newest developments!

Unfortunately, there are too many variables between a product's announcement and it's completion to accurately predict when it may be ready for release. And if we guess, everyone will expect it when we think it might be done, which is just about never possible with ground-breaking development.

We like to let everyone know what our next real product will be, then we get busy working on it. And sometimes plans change in the middle of a product's development, sometimes many times. While we may wish we could put new products on the market very quickly, we have to balance that wish with extensive research, solid engineering and thorough testing in order to create high quality, innovative, useful products. We prefer to maintain our reputation of excellent products rather than prematurely ship products that do not meet our standards.

As soon as we have any specific information about a new product, we'll announce it on our web site. You can receive the announcement directly, if you wish, by signing up for our mailing list.

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Can I connect more than one computer to the same USB or ADB device?

Neither USB nor ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) can be linked together between computers. Warning: Connecting Macs together via ADB can cause damage to your Mac and to any ADB devices attached.

There are some switch box devices which allow you to use one keyboard and/or mouse with several computers, however, these do not allow access to all computers at the same time. The switch box routes the USB or ADB connection to each different computer as you choose the setting. Generally, these devices are not useful for sharing our devices between computers because both hardware and software must be installed onto the same system in order for our product to work.

Some customers use the multiple outlets of a PowerKey Pro to control the power to other computers. The PowerKey software cannot monitor the other computers, however there are programs which can monitor servers, and several of them interface with the PowerKey software. See our Partners list for more information about these programs.

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Can I attach more than one of your products to the same computer?

Perhaps, depending on the product.

Only one Kick-off! unit will operate on a USB system, so although you could physically connect more than one unit, there would not be any benefit and the software could become confused by the multiple units.

You can attach only one each of these products to the same ADB Macintosh:

You can daisy-chain multiple PowerKey Pro units on the same Mac, either ADB or USB models, but cannot operate both the ADB and USB models on the same system.

Similarly, you cannot combine USB crash recovery products with ADB crash recovery products on the same system. For example, you cannot use Rebound! and Kick-off! together on a blue and white G3.

On USB Macs, you can combine a Kick-off! with a USB PowerKey Pro (requires Kick-off! v1.5 software).

On ADB Macs, you can daisy-chain a PowerKey Pro Model 600 and/or a Model 200 with a "Classic" PowerKey and/or a Rebound!, controlling them all under the PowerKey v3.4 software.

PowerPad is an ADB keyboard and so can be connected to any Mac's ADB port as an extra keyboard.

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Are your products scriptable?

Many of our newer products support and use AppleScript in varying ways.

All of the settings in the Kick-off!, Rebound! and monoLog software can be read and set using AppleScript. iDo Script Scheduler and PowerKey programmed events can be activated and deactivated using AppleScript. And, of course, iDo Script Scheduler can execute AppleScript in response to certain conditions (on a schedule, using Hot Keys, when system is idle). PowerKey Pro's hardware outlets are scriptable as well. Scripting information is included with each product.

Our older programs (10Key Tape, UnWake and Dialer) cannot recognize AppleScript; however, the Dialer Extension (replaces the former SCIAC Extension) can receive phone numbers in AppleEvents for the Dialer, and can also receive Dial and Redial commands in AppleScript.

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Sales Questions

Do I need to buy extra cables in order to use your products?

No. All of Sophisticated Circuits' hardware devices come complete with hardware, cables, software and instructions so you can 'plug and go'.

Kick-off!'s 3 ft. USB cable and 3 ft. power cord are hard-wired to the unit.

USB PowerKey Pro includes a custom, detachable, 6 ft. USB cable, and a 6 ft. RJ-11 phone cable.

ADB PowerKey devices include a 6 ft. branching "Y" cable so you can connect the hardware between your keyboard and the ADB port on the Mac. Additionally, ADB PowerKey Pro includes a 6 ft. phone cable.

Rebound! includes a pass-through ADB port so it can plug in-line between your keyboard and the ADB port on the Mac; however, Rebound! does not need to be connected to a keyboard in order to operate.

PowerPad, Desktop Dialer and PowerKey Remote have two ADB ports and each comes with a 2 ft. male-to-male ADB cable so they can be easily connected into your ADB system.

Desktop Dialer and PowerKey Remote include a 6 ft. RJ-11 phone cable.

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How can I get replacement software?

Most software is available online from our Software Library:

Registered hardware owners with current software can order a replacement media directly from us. Only the PowerKey v4, Kick-off!, iDo Script Scheduler and Rebound! 2.0 software are available on CD. We do not provide replacement disks for old, outdated and unsupported versions of our software. Upgrades are individual licenses and must be ordered separately for each copy of the product you own.

Replacement software is USD $5 each plus shipping. We'll need the product name and model (if any), the unit's serial number as well as the standard ordering information (mailing address, daytime phone number, major credit card, cardholder's name and billing address).

Some of our products do not require software in order to operate:

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Can I receive the "Classic" PowerKey v3 upgrade by email?

No, but we'll process your order very quickly and send you the floppy disk by Priority Mail. If you wish, you can contact us to upgrade your shipping options for a faster service.

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How can I get another manual?

Many of our product manuals are now available online, in .pdf format, under the Product Manuals section of our Support area.

Registered owners may also order replacements of the printed manuals. PowerPad or Desktop Dialer replacement manuals are free (plus shipping). Faxed manual information is USD $10.00.

PowerKey and PowerKey Pro replacement manuals are USD $5.00 each plus shipping. These manuals cannot be faxed.

Desktop Dialer users will find "Using Desktop Dialer", "Connecting Desktop Dialer" and other appropriate articles in our Knowledge Base library.

Note: PowerKey Pro Model 650, iDo Script Scheduler and the latest version of Kick-off! now use the Mac OS Help system; their Help files install into your system's Help folder when you install the software.

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Which cable do I order for a replacement cable?

Replacement cables may be ordered from our secure order form.

Rebound! and Kick-off! do not have replacement cables; if your cable becomes damaged, contact Technical Support at for repair.

Note: The 6 ft ADB extension cable is not the same cable we include with our products.

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Uh-oh! How do I get my damaged product repaired?

Our product warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for one year from your date of purchase. Any other problems are not covered by this warranty.

However, we offer an easy, inexpensive, out-of-warranty repair plan. For a flat fee of USD $20.00, plus shipping, we'll repair the damage if we can or we'll replace your unit if we can't.

Return authorization is required for any return, so be sure to contact us first. We'll ask you some questions about the problem just to verify the problem can't be resolved with software. That way, you don't pay for unnecessary service.

You may also wish to review the Knowledge Base for your product, as very few problems are actually due to hardware failures.

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How do I order items not on the order form, or from another country?

We tried to include all our products, even older ones, in our online secure order form, but if you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us.

If you are ordering from Canada, and you do not wish to use UPS Standard (ground) service, we can offer other shipping options, such as air service and international mail. Please contact us with your full address so we can provide accurate quotes.

If you are ordering from other countries, you can still use our online form; however, you may need to bypass the "State" field by using a hyphen or other character. And of course, please change the country name of USA to your country's name.

The order form cannot calculate all the possible options for every destination worldwide. If you change the country name to anything other than USA or Canada, the online ordering system will bypass the Shipping Options, submitting your product choice and payment information. When we receive your order, we will send you a list of shipping options and rates for your delivery address.

Note: Some browsers do not allow bypassing an unselected pop-up menu and will return an error. If you have this problem, try a different browser, or use our text order form, or contact us to submit your order another way.

You may fax your order to us at +425-485-7172. Be sure to include a return fax number, and if possible, your email address, so that we can confirm your order and verify your information.

If you are in the USA, you can call in your order on our toll-free sales line at 1-800-769-3773 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Pacific time, Monday through Friday (excluding major US holidays).

E-mail if you would like more information.

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Can I buy your products with a purchase order?

Yes, we accept purchase orders from education, government and leading U.S. Corporations. Please contact our sales staff for any additional information you may need for your purchase order, such as part numbers, our EIN, quantity discounts, etc.

You can fax your order to us at 1-425-485-7172. Be sure to include a reply fax number or email address so we can confirm receipt of your order and verify information.

International orders must be prepaid by credit card. Bankwire payment is an option for larger orders.

We do not generally open accounts for small, single, and/or infrequent purchases. If you do not have an open account with us, you may pay by credit card or you may send your check with your order. C.O.D. terms may be available in some cases, subject to approval.

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Do you offer discounts for education or government purchases?

Our competitive retail prices are the same for everyone. However, we offer discounts for quantity purchases and you should contact us for quantity discount pricing if you'll be ordering 3 or more pieces of any one product on a single order.

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Can my dealer order your products?

Yes, dealers, resellers, VARs, etc., may purchase our products for resale to their customers at a discount. Ask your dealer to contact us for reseller pricing.

Our products are also available to dealers through distribution. In the USA, we are represented by Dr. Bott. See our Worldwide Reseller List for a list of representatives in other countries.

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I am a dealer/VAR/distributor. How do I qualify for your reseller program?

We're always glad to have another representative for our products! Dealers, resellers, VARs, distributors, can contact us with their full company information, such as business name, address, phone, fax, email, web url, etc. Include your company profile, or tell us a little about your business. For example, what services and products do you offer? are you an authorized dealer for other products our customers might use? do you have a retail space? is your business tailored to corporate, education, servers, kiosks, etc.

When we have your company information, we can set you up as a reseller and provide our pricing, terms and conditions.

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When will my order ship?

We process orders each business day. Orders received by 1:00 pm will ship that day; orders received after 1:00 pm will ship the next business day.

Online orders enter into our system as soon as you receive your confirmation page. If you do not receive a confirmation page containing your order number, please contact us to verify your order.

We will notify you if we are out of stock, by email if possible, and we will include an estimate of when we expect new stock.

Orders sent by mail or fax are confirmed by fax, or by email if you provide an email address. If you do not receive a fax or email order confirmation of your mailed or faxed order, contact us to confirm we have received your order.

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When will I receive my order?

Orders marked "Overnight" and "2nd Day" are shipped with Airborne Express.

Airborne's Overnight Air Express delivery is by noon to most continental US major metropolitan areas; by 5:00 pm to outlying areas, and delivery to remote areas may be the second business day.

Airborne's Second Day Service is by 5:00 pm the second business day to most primary and many outlying delivery areas; delivery to remote areas may be by the third business day.

Orders marked "Ground" are generally shipped with UPS; however, ground service to Alaska, Hawaii and to post office boxes will be by USPS Priority Mail.

Priority Mail is usually delivered within 2-4 mailing days; UPS Ground service in the continental US may be anywhere between 1 and 6 business days, depending on your proximity to the Seattle area.

Contact us if you would like to make other arrangements for shipping.

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