Controlling Kick-off! with AppleScript

    AppleScript offers Mac users a powerful way to automate tasks and share information. Your scripts can control the status of Kick-off!'s system and application crash detection. For example, you can use this to turn crash detection off during backups.

    Kick-off! is based on our PowerKey background software, so to control Kick-off!, place a tell block in your script as follows:

    Mac OS X
       tell application "PowerKey Daemon"
          . . .
       end tell

    Mac OS 8.6-9.x
       tell application "PowerKey Extension"
          . . .
       end tell

    You can then place scripting commands (as described below) inside this block.

Kick-off! properties

    The Kick-off! software contains several properties which can be read or modified. These properties correspond to the settings in the Kick-off! control panel.

    version   Version of the Kick-off! software.
    sysTimerEnable   Value of the Monitor system for crashes check box. Set to true or false to enable or disable system crash detection.
    sysCrashDetectTimeout   Value of the Restart if system doesn't respond slider, in seconds.
    sysRestartInterval   Value of the Time allowed for system to restart slider, in seconds.
    sysRestartCount   Value of the Number of restart attempts slider.
    appTimerEnable   Value of the appTimersEnabled check box. Set to true or false to enable or disable application timer detection.

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