Status light patterns

    Kick-off!'s status light lets you know that it is on the job. The colors and patterns of this light indicate when the system is running smoothly as well as when Kick-off! is taking action.

Normal conditions

    When the system is running normally, the status light will indicate the communication between the Kick-off! unit and software:
    solid red Kick-off! unit not connected
    (serial numbers greater than 8000 only)
    solid orange computer turned off
    or Kick-off! unit not connected
         (serial numbers less than 8000 only)
    solid green computer starting up, waiting for Kick-off! software to start
    blinking green running normally, system timer counting down
    briefly solid green software resetting system timer
    pulsing orange computer sleeping

When the system crashes

    If the system crashes and Kick-off!'s system timer expires, the status light shows you the steps of the restarting process:
    blinking green system timer counting down to zero
    short red blinks outlet turned off
    solid orange outlet turned on, sending startup signal
    green w/orange blinks computer starting up, waiting for Kick-off! software to start

    If the computer restarts properly, the light will resume blinking green. If not, Kick-off! will attempt additional restarts based on the "Number of restart attempts" slider setting.
    alternating red/orange Kick-off! software failed to start up despite all restart attempts

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