About Dialogger

    Dialogger is a small extension included with monoLog that automatically dismisses dialog boxes and adds log entries to monoLog. It's a handy server tool that lets you know when an application puts up an error message without bringing the server to a halt.

    To install Dialogger, run the monoLog installer and select "Custom Install". Check the "Dialogger" item and click "Install".

    Dialogger automatically dismisses:

    modal dialog boxes, which require you to click a button before doing anything else on the computer), and
    floating notification windows, which appear on top of all other windows to display messages in Mac OS 9 and newer.

    When one of these windows appears, Dialogger waits 60 seconds before dismissing it, then adds an entry to monoLog with the text of the window. Dialogger adds entries with a "Notice" priority, so you can configure monoLog to deal with these entries as desired.

    Only after this 60-second waiting period will Dialogger dismiss the window and add a log entry. This lets someone using the computer continue about their work without being interrupted or having their log cluttered up with the results of normal server maintenance.