Types of logs and notifiers

    monoLog has two separate logs and five types of notifiers it can use to deal with incoming log entries:

    1. It can save the entry in the Master Log. This is the window you see when you open the monoLog application in your Apple menu.
    2. It can save the entry in the Text Log. This is a plain text file found in the "monoLog Folder" in your system's Preferences folder.
    3. Using the system's Notification Manager, it can cause a blinking icon to appear over your Apple menu or display a warning dialog box.
    4. It can send an E-mail Notification containing the entry's text to any mail account on the Internet.
    5. It can do Network Logging, sending the entry to another computer running monoLog or a Unix server running syslogd.
    6. It can send the entry to a custom AppleScript for further processing.
    7. It can send the entry's text to an alphanumeric pager using Mark/Space's PageNOW! software.

    You can configure how to use these logs and notifiers in the Preferences window. See the next section for more information.

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