Ordering monoLog

    Until you purchase monoLog, it will run in "trial mode" for 30 days. During this period monoLog is fully functional. When the trial period ends, monoLog will stop receiving log entries.

    Note: monoLog comes free with Rebound! and Kick-off! As long as one of these products is connected to your computer, monoLog will be fully functional.

How to order

    The easiest way to order the upgrade is using our secure order form on our web site, at https://secure.sophisticated.com/ordering/order_form.html. Our automated system will e-mail you an activator code within minutes of receiving your order. You can also contact us to order by phone, fax or e-mail.

    When you receive your activator code, open monoLog and select "Register..." from the Apple menu. A dialog box will appear with fields to enter your e-mail address and activator code.

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