Setting log preferences

    The heart of monoLog is the way it deals with incoming entries. Each entry has a priority, which you can use to customize how monoLog will handle it.

    To customize your logs and notifiers, open monoLog from your Apple menu and select "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu. The following window will appear:

    Select the type of log or notifier you wish to configure from the "Log Type" pop-up menu. The settings for that log type will appear in the panel below the menu.

    Each log type has a "Priority" pop-up menu. This is the minimum priority an entry must have to be processed by the log type.

    To disable a type of log or notifier altogether, select "Disabled" from this menu.

    Below the "Priority" pop-up menu are settings which vary between log types. See each log type's section for more information.

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