The PowerKey control panel

    You access the features of your PowerKey unit with the "PowerKey" control panel.

    Mac OS X
    Open your Applications folder (or other location where you installed it), and double-click on "PowerKey".

    Mac OS 8.6-9.x
    From the Apple menu, select "Control Panels -> PowerKey".

    When you open the control panel, a window appears with five tabs, one for each major function of PowerKey. Click on a tab to reveal its configuration panel.

    The "Instant" panel lets you directly control your PowerKey's outlets, and set up your hardware.
    The "Power Saver" panel is where you configure which outlets should turn on and off when your computer starts up and shuts down.
    The "Hot Keys" panel lets you create quick keystrokes which will turn outlets on and off no matter which program you're currently using.
    The "Phone" panel lets you configure dialing sequences to switch outlets from any touch-tone phone.
    The "Schedule" panel lets you create a schedule of times to automatically turn on your computer or switch outlets at regular intervals.

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