Hardware setup

    When you click the "Setup" button in the "Instant" panel, a dialog box appears with controls for configuring your PowerKey unit.

    Note: If you have multiple PowerKey units, the "Setup" button will display the settings for the unit selected in the "Unit" pop-up menu in the "Instant" panel. To change the settings for another unit, first select it in the pop-up menu.

"Unit Name" field

    If you wish, you may name your PowerKey unit. This is helpful if you have more than one unit connected to your computer.

Outlet name fields

    You can give your PowerKey's outlets descriptive names such as "Monitor" and "Modem". This makes it easier to select outlets when creating hot keys and scheduled events.

"Always On" check boxes

    Each outlet name has a check box next to it that will make the outlet "always on." You can check this box to protect the outlet from being switched off with the PowerKey software or by pressing the manual button on the unit itself. This is useful if you have devices which you wish to keep powered at all times.

    When you check this box, a small padlock will appear next to the outlet's name throughout the control panel.

"CPU" radio buttons

    Each outlet name also has a radio button, used to tell the PowerKey software which outlet the computer is plugged into. If your computer is plugged into the wall, select "None."

    Note: Be sure to correctly set the CPU radio button. It is essential in order for PowerKey to start up and shut down the system, and to keep from improperly turning off the computer.

    When you select an outlet, a small Mac OS symbol will appear next to the outlet's name throughout the control panel.

"Disable front panel switches" check box

    If this box is checked, the front panel switches on your PowerKey unit will no longer function. This is useful if you keep your PowerKey unit on the floor and wish to protect outlets from being accidentally switched by your foot or cat.

    Note: Disabling the front panel switches is not the same as checking the "Always On" box for each outlet. If you disable the front panel switches, you can still control the outlets with the PowerKey software.

Technical info

    The model, serial number, and additional technical information regarding your PowerKey unit are found at the bottom of the Hardware Setup dialog box. This information is primarily useful for troubleshooting.

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