The "Instant" panel

    When you first open the PowerKey control panel, or when you click on the "Instant" tab, a panel appears with controls for directly switching PowerKey's outlets.

"Unit" pop-up menu

    Use this menu to choose which unit to control. A picture of the unit and labels for its outlets will appear.

Outlet status buttons

    The main part of the "Instant" panel consists of a diagram showing your PowerKey unit, with each outlet's name appearing on either side. Small buttons next to the outlet names show the current status of each outlet: bright green means the outlet is on, and dark means it is off. Click these buttons to switch the outlets on and off.

    Next to the outlet buttons are icons showing the outlet settings, as chosen in the Hardware Setup dialog box. A padlock means the outlet is locked "always on", and a small Mac OS symbol indicates the computer's outlet.

"Setup" button

    Click this button to change the settings for your PowerKey unit. You can change the names of your unit and outlets and lock outlets to be always on.

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