Common Problems and Solutions

In Mac OS 9, when opening the control panel, I get a message saying "The PowerKey Extension did not load at startup."

    The PowerKey background software is required for all of PowerKey's functionality. Make sure this software is properly installed. See The PowerKey background software for more information. If this software was moved, you can simply move it back to its original location. If it is missing, you can use the PowerKey installer to reinstall it. Doing this will not damage your preferences.

My printer or other peripheral doesn't turn on when I turn on its outlet.

    Some printers and other devices have a "soft" power switch, which means that interrupting the power to the device makes the switch forget it was turned on. You can either turn the device on by hand, or configure PowerKey to leave its outlet on. Most modern devices of this type use very little power when idle, and can be left on safely.

When I shut down the computer, the outlets don't turn off for about 15 seconds.

    This shutdown delay is intentional in order to prevent problems with devices being turned off too soon after shutdown. See the "Power Saver" panel for more information.

When I start up the computer, the outlets don't turn on for several seconds.

    If you're using a powered hub, make sure it is plugged into an outlet that is always on.

    Some USB hubs don't start up for several seconds, so PowerKey can't see that the computer has turned on. Try using a different hub or connecting PowerKey directly to the computer.

When I try to turn on an outlet using the front panel switch, the light blinks, but the outlet stays off.

    The light next to each front panel switch always lights up when you press it, even if the switches have been disabled in the control panel preferences. Open the hardware setup dialog box to see if the "disable front panel switches" box is checked.

I can't create a tone sequence in the Phone panel to start up the computer.

    In order to start up from a tone sequence, your computer must support keyboard startup. If the PowerKey software detects that your computer does not have this ability, it disables the "Start Up" action. See system requirements for information on which models support this feature.

I created a tone sequence to start up the computer, but it doesn't work.

    First, make sure your computer supports keyboard startup (see the topic above). Next, make sure PowerKey is connected directly to your computer, and not through a USB hub. Some USB hubs do not allow the startup signal to pass through.

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