About Rebound!

    Rebound! continuously monitors your system to make sure it is running normally. If the system crashes, Rebound! restarts it automatically. Many popular server applications integrate Rebound! support to give additional protection. Rebound! also lets you keep a detailed log of crashes.

    To configure your Rebound! settings, open the Rebound! control panel application.
      In Mac OS X it is normally found in your Applications folder. In Mac OS 8.6-9.x the Rebound! control panel can be found in your system's Control Panels folder.

Other components

    In order to function, Rebound! also relies on the background software components and helper files used by the PowerKey software. For information on these components, see the PowerKey help.

System requirements

    Rebound! works with the PowerKey software, so it has the same basic system requirements as PowerKey. See the PowerKey help for more information.

    To use Rebound!'s system crash recovery features, your computer must be plugged into one of your PowerKey's switched outlets.

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