The "System Crashes" panel

    When you click on the "System Crashes" tab, a panel appears with controls for customizing Rebound!'s system crash detection.

    Rebound! uses the PowerKey hardware to restart the computer in case of a system crash.

Monitor system for crashes

    If this box is checked, Rebound! will monitor your system and attempt to restart it when a crash is detected. Uncheck this box to turn Rebound!'s system crash detection off.

    Tip: In Mac OS 8 and 9, it is a good idea to uncheck this box before doing any unusually processor-intensive task such as a long calculation. See "Restart if system doesn't respond" below for more information.

Restart if system doesn't respond

    This slider lets you set how long the PowerKey hardware will wait before deciding that the system has crashed.

    If the system gets hit with a heavy load (especially in Mac OS 9 and earlier), the normal communication between Rebound! and the PowerKey hardware can be temporarily stopped. To keep Rebound! from misinterpreting these pauses as crashes, you can set this slider to a higher waiting time.

    Note: Be careful not to set this waiting time too low. The lower the waiting time, the more likely a long task will be misinterpreted as a crash.

Number of restart attempts

    This slider lets you set the number of times the PowerKey hardware will attempt to restart the computer if it crashes again during the restart process.

    This feature works in conjunction with the "Time allowed for system to restart" slider below. After detecting a crash and restarting the system, the PowerKey hardware will wait for the Rebound! software to reestablish communication, signifying a successful restart. If this doesn't happen within the time allowed, the hardware can try again up to four more times.

    Note: If this slider is set higher than '1' and you disable the PowerKey software after a crash, you may experience unwanted restarts because the PowerKey hardware cannot reestablish communication with the software. Be sure to set this slider to '1' before disabling the PowerKey software.

Time allowed for system to restart

    If the "Number of restart attempts" setting (see above) is higher than '1', this slider lets you set how long the PowerKey hardware will wait to reestablish communication with the software after a restart.

    Normally, the Rebound! software reestablishes communication as the system finishes restarting. If the system crashes again during restart, the Rebound! software won't be able to do this. This slider lets you set how long the PowerKey hardware will wait before it decides something is wrong and tries to restart the computer again.

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